Lee Pace Made Good Use of a Certain Prop from The Hobbit to Rehearse a Scene for Bodies Bodies Bodies

Lee Pace is a nerd. Well, at least he’s an SFF fan—we know that much. So it’s not entirely surprising to learn that he has Thranduil’s sword lying around his house.

It’s quite a delightful little fact, though. And the sword itself is apparently rather useful!

Pace was recently interviewed—and, perhaps more importantly, photographed—at Mr. Porter. He’s in the new slasher film Bodies Bodies Bodies, so the interview is in part about his role as Greg, the much-older boyfriend of Alice (Rachel Sennott). Greg, it seems, may be somewhat intimidating to David (Pete Davidson). He has certain skills.

One of the hot things Greg does in the film, which David tries, unsuccessfully, to emulate, is the sabering-a-champagne-bottle trick. He’s just got out of the pool and is restarting the party after a sticky social moment. It is demigod-like. It was a stunt Pace had to practise at home.

“I used my Hobbit sword,” he says half bashfully, half nerd-to-nerd transmission. He has it “lying around the house”, so he said to himself, “You know what? I don’t get many chances to use this guy.”

Lee Pace, sir, surely you can put that sword to good use! Use it as an Instagram prop! Open more bottles of champagne! Use it as a centerpiece! An unmissable bookmark in a large SFF novel! The possibilities are truly endless.

Sadly, Thranduil’s sword does not have a dramatic name, but you can purchase your own replica if you too would like to saber bottles of champagne with it. You can see the results of Pace’s dedicated practice when Bodies Bodies Bodies opens on August 5th.

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